Help Fund Fossil Camp

If you would like to make donations, in order to help fund the fossil camp for this summer 2017, you can visit our Indiegogo Page and help the LaBelle Fossil Camp financially.

This campaign has been started because Fossil Camp had to turn children away the first year. The camp could only run for one week and dozens of interested children had to be turned away.

I [Scott Perry] am very frustrated by this situation and I am seeking funding to open camp for all interested children. The cost of Fossil Camp is 150.00 per child each week. People can help us my donations to Fossil Camp. My goal is to run a free and open camp for children interested in Fossil hunting and paleontology.

Fossil Camp is begins at the LaBelle Historical Museum with a Lab where children learn about the fossils we will be seeking, caring for, and repairing. Then the group boards a sailboat to go to fossil sites along the Caloosahatchee River. The boat anchors and children paddle an inflatable boat to shore to fossil hunt. We find fossils and return to identify the fossil we have found at the Museum.

We thank you for your help!